A day in the south of Fuerteventura

Morro Jable Fuerteventura, Puerto del Morro Jable, Morro Jable, España


  • Activity duration: 5 hours
  • Available languages: Español e ingés
  • Maximum age: 60 years
  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • Group activity
  • Limited places
  • Use solar protection


Enjoy this wonderful experience!

For all those who have doubts about whether or not to go to the Cofete beach in the Jandía Natural Park, the answer is very clear: it is a mandatory visit. The beach is simply amazing: 12 kilometers of golden sand next to the mountainous massif of Jandía and a wild and furious sea. From my point of view, one of my favorite beaches in the Canary Islands. The bathroom is practically impossible, but it is difficult to resist a long walk and taking many photos.


The next destination is Sotavento beach. One of the great icons of Fuerteventura. There is no brochure on the island that does not include a picture of this beach. It is an ideal place for practicing water sports such as Windsurfing and Kiteboarding. You can stay for hours observing the panorama.


Then, after a brief stop in Costa Calma, you discover one of the best viewpoints on the island, called the Sicasumbre viewpoint, an ideal place for stargazing and discovering almost lunar landscapes.


And to end this day, you must visit the Caves of Ajuy, since it is one of the main tourist attractions in this part of Fuerteventura. They are part of the Natural Monument of Ajuy. After visiting some of the best caves we have ever seen, it is best to stay to contemplate the famous sunset. Sitting on such ancient soil, you can have the feeling that probably centuries ago the Guanches did the same as you.

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Enjoy this experience!

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